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Red Arrow Workshop

About Us


Hi there. We’re Jason and Jillian. Man and wife. Best of friends. Bookworms. Amateur carpenters. Day dreamers. Dog lovers. We own the place, and work together to curate, collect and create fabulous products that reflect our love of excellent design and simple, beautiful living.

After a lot of planning and plotting and scheming and writing and reading and howling at the moon, our first retail shop in Lafayette, Louisiana’s River Ranch was born in August of 2012. It features an evolving collection of hip, well-designed items alongside our own handmade products and a great selection of jewelry made in our home state of Louisiana. From smart, wooden kids toys and hand-printed paper goods to fine leather goods and hand-poured candles, our product selections reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainable living and beautiful design.

In the Fall of 2014, we expanded to Magazine Street in New Orleans. This shop features the full Red Arrow selection in a space tailor-made for showcasing and in some cases crafting our growing family of products.


Important things to know about Jason:

– He never ever ever misspells a word.
– His eyes are two different colors.
– He is a descendant of Chief Red Eagle of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.
– He cannot grow a beard.
– He thinks people who take baths are kidding themselves about getting clean.

Important things to know about Jillian:

– She is obsessed with Fats Waller, Tina Turner and John Steinbeck.
– Her oldest known frienemy is her brother Bram.
– She is both a sentimental hoarder, and an uptight minimalist.
– Her all-time favorite movie is absolutely positively Coal Miner’s Daughter.
– She doesn’t care about ice cream, and thinks people who get ice cream headaches totally had it coming.